The Yorkshire Imaging Collaborative (YIC) is a transformation programme supported by technical change. The YIC aims to transform the way radiology services are delivered by integrating medical imaging to provide quality radiology services to patients, regardless of which YIC hospital they attend for their imaging.

The network comprises 24 hospitals across six NHS Trusts, supporting a population of more than 2.7 million people. The YIC has two priority areas of focus, which run parallel to provide a consistent and high-quality medical imaging service:

  • Transformation Programme: defines the culture and visionary direction of the service through engagement with senior leaders and medical experts. 
  • Technology Programme:  procuring and deploying a single, shared technology solution to allow member trusts to view each other’s images and reports.  

Previously, a patients’ images were stored at the hospital trust which acquired them. This meant that patients could be kept waiting a significant amount of time for their images to be reviewed, due to large backlogs, staff vacancies etc within that one radiology department.

In April 2020, the YIC deployed a single technical solution which allowed radiology services across the region to view diagnostic images and reports acquired at each trust. Across the YIC, there is high demand for radiology reporting. The YIC is currently implementing regional reporting software, which will allow radiology staff to report on images acquired at any YIC trusts. When operational, Xero and this single reporting software will allow a patient’s image to reported on regardless of the place of acquisition (within YIC). Radiologists will be able to report on images across the patch, reducing waiting times for patients and collective backlogs across the collaborative.


YIC promotes shared learning across all member hospitals and the introduction of monthly regional learning meetings allows staff across the region to collaborate and share best practice.

To improve the work-life balance of Consultant Radiologists and Reporting Radiographers across our network, 195 diagnostic standard homeworking computers have been rolled out to colleagues who wish to be able to work from home. Additional equipment will be made available through to 2025. 

Our workforce workstream is focusing on creating a sustainable and resilient radiology workforce, with the ability to facilitate outstanding development and training opportunities and be the employer of choice in England.   The programme aims to reduce clinical variation through the adoption of standardised imaging and reporting protocols. This means that patients will receive the same type of scan, regardless of which YIC member hospital they attend, depending on their needs and according to clinical presentation.  

If you would like more information, you can visit the Yorkshire Imaging Collborative website or get in touch by emailing yorkshireimagingcollaborative@nhs.net

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