There is a rising demand for diagnostic services in West Yorkshire. The creation of Community Diagnostic Centres (CDCs) to alleviate pressure on existing NHS facilities was recommended following Professor Sir Mike Richards’ review of NHS diagnostics capacity.

CDCs improve access and reduce delays for people who need an investigative test. They separate emergency and urgent diagnostics (delivered within hospital settings) from planned tests by delivering these closer to people’s homes in community 'one-stop-shop' settings. 

CDCs have been designed to meet local needs, but deliver a large range of diagnostic tests, including imaging (such as x-ray, ultrasound, CT, and MRI), pathology (such as phlebotomy) and physiological measurement tests (such as ECG). The centres make best use of innovative digital technologies, in line with the West Yorkshire Integrated Care Board's Digital Strategy.

CDCs implementation is being led by local places to meet local place needs. Plans are for three larger centres (or hubs) across West Yorkshire, supported by four smaller centres (or spokes) spread across the region.  

An involvement mapping exercise was undertaken in August 2022 to inform the development of community diagnostic centres.

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