This programme is focussed on the roles people undertake and the supply of people to do those roles to meet the needs of patients. Wherever possible, the programme tries to achieve this by operating common, consistent best-in-class employment approaches.

WYAAT trusts face similar workforce challenges and risks, including:

  • Workforce supply issues, particularly (though not exclusively) nurses and doctors
  • Reducing our spend on agency staff
  • Provision of safe and effective services through the continued supply of staffing to meet demand (standardisation and efficiency)
  • Maintaining effective and sustainable support services in a financially constrained environment.

WYAAT hospitals recognise the opportunity of collaboration for shared benefit in meeting these workforce challenges and a number of collaborative projects are underway including:

Each individual WYAAT trust is also working separately to reduce agency spend, and there are numerous partnering arrangements that have developed locally to support workforce development, and share some corporate and support services.

However, there is scope for further collaboration across the six WYAAT Trusts on workforce matters, both to support WYAAT wide service developments and to address the workforce challenges faced by all. In addition, there is an opportunity to align our work more closely to that of the healthcare partnership programmes and the local workforce action board (LWAB) to maximise opportunity and minimise duplication of effort.

You can read our workforce plan here.

This work is led by Martin Barkley and managed by Madeline Hoskin.

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