Published on: 24 January 2019

The West Yorkshire Association of Acute Trusts want to make it easier for their staff to work across WYAAT for their own personal development and to provide the best possible services for our patients and those who use our services.  

Up until now, when working on a temporary basis in another Trust, colleagues have needed an honorary contract, which involves the host trust undertaking pre-employment checks and colleagues completing the host trust’s mandatory training.  

To enable people to work as flexibly as possible the WYAAT trusts have signed an agreement that enables members of their staff who are competent to undertake roles and are cleared to work in one of our organisations to be able to work in another WYAAT trust without the need for an honorary contract and all the associated checks. 

Part of this flexibility includes host trusts accepting statutory and mandatory training completed in the employing trust.  This is good news, as it means people only need to be up to date with the mandatory training of their employing trust, rather than having to do two (or more) different sets of mandatory training which are to all intents and purposes the same.  Of course, they may to be inducted in local procedures such as fire and safety. 

The employing organisation continues to be responsible for their staff member’s employment, but this agreement will give our people greater flexibility to work across our six trusts and support the collaboration between us.

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