"The webinars were engaging and gave me a good insight on the careers and roles in surgery." - Student

Webinar 1 - Introduction to surgery and myth busting

  • Overview of webinars
  • Overview of NHS
  • What is surgery and what do we do in theatres?
  • A patient’s surgical journey
  • Surgical specialities
  • Myth busting

"One of the speakers said “we are all potential patients” and this made me think about how a career in surgery is not just about improving a patients' quality of life, but also about creating a better society." - Student

Webinar 2 - Roles and entry routes

  • Which roles cover which areas?
  • Overview of surgical roles
  • Staff career journeys
  • Entry routes to each role
  • NHS pay grades
  • Importance of using core subjects (maths, English and science) in the workplace

Webinar 3 - Next steps inc. applications/CV support, interview techniques, where to access next level advice

  • The NHS Values
  • Helping you find your NHS health career
  • Factors that may influence your career choices
  • Applications and CV support
  • Top 10 Employability Skills
  • Interview questions and techniques
  • Work experience
  • Careers and further education with a disability

"It was really interesting to hear about people's individual journeys and the different routes nurses take." - Student

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